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poly wallet crypto

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It offers a wide variety of fun interaction to its to the whole public, officially NFTs, apps, airdrops and access to different DeFi platforms ready. Send funds from Ethereum to.

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  • poly wallet crypto
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If you think of the DID as a locked desk, the primary key would be the master key that can open every drawer permissioning everything on-chain , while the secondary keys can be configured to let you only into certain ones permissioning only specific things on-chain. Note that if you use the same CDD provider for identity verification, they may connect your various accounts to the same identity or uID. Traditional investment banking processes can be made much more efficient by leveraging modern technology like blockchain, but it needs to be optimized for the financial industry in order to comply with regulatory requirements. Simply put, you need a Polymesh Account to access the Polymesh blockchain � whether you plan to use it for creating and issuing security tokens, staking, or steering the chain by participating in governance. We have run an operator node as a custodian and have found the integration into our standard blockchain environment straightforward.