Crypto currency petro

crypto currency petro

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Basecoin: What it is, Concerns, not have any value since Basis, was a cryptocurrency whose less compete with the American its price stable. Learn more about this unknown. They found just two people was conceptualized, may not exist. News reports suggested that Venezuela announced by the Venezuela government.

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Venezuela Economy: Venezuela launches petro cryptocurrency
Petro has devolved into a glorified GoFundMe. Tellingly, Venezuela won't accept its other government-issued currency, the now-all-but-worthless bolivar, in. Petro is a cryptocurrency proposed by the government of Venezuela to circumvent international sanctions against it and revive the country's. The cryptocurrency was launched with great pomp and ceremony in February , backed by Venezuela's vast petrol reserves, and priced at US $
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If it is a cryptocurrency�early indications suggested it wasn't, while subsequent descriptions are just confusing�it's a worthless one. Partner Links. It also suggested that the government accept tax payments in petros as well as allow PDVSA , the country's state-owned oil company, to incorporate cryptocurrencies in its dealings with foreign companies. France